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Volume 1 Issue 2
1. Numerical Analysis of Different Types of Tunnels
Imran Ahmad Khan, Brajmohan Singh Kushwah, Sushil Rai, Vaibhav
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2. Potential Analysis of Swirl Mechanism Braking System
Rohit Pandey
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3. Application of Boron-Based Polymers
Divya Singh
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4. Brief Introduction of Effectof Calcium Changes In Th eCells of Heart
Sonia Shivhare
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5. Concepts of EnergySavingin Building Construction
Mohan Kantharia, Pankaj Mishra, Ripunjoy
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6. A Detailed Analytical Study of Software Process Life
Arvind Kumar Upadhyay
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7. Recent Applicationsof Smart HomeSystemin Smart City
Shally Goyal1, Vivek Singh Kushwah
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8. Role of ICT inincreasing the outreach of Indian Higher Education System:Draft National Education Policy 2019
Snehal Jani1,Preeth Padmanabhan
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9. Energy andCongestionConscious Transmissions andRoutingin SANETs and MANETs: A Survey
Varun Kumar Sharma
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